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about us

who we are & what we are about

FrightReview is a haunted house review site designed to showcase the scariest haunted attractions in the United States. Each year we comprise a small list of attractions from haunted attractions entered into our Fright Database, this is called a FrightTour. During our tour we post awesome unbiased and truthful video reviews of these selected venues which are posted to our site and YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure! 

When the official tour comes to an end, we announce the winners of our Annual Fright of the Year award! The attraction we deem as the "Scariest" from annual tour receives web, print and physical promotional material to showcase their win. But wait, there is more! The following year, our Fright of the Year receives a follow up visit as it competes against a new roster of attractions we have never visited! Our top spot will be re-visited until it loses the title!

what is FRIGHTmas?
In addition to our annual tour held every October...we now feature those select haunts that open up during the most wonderful time of year, FrightReview is proud to roll out a brand new kind of tour, Frightmas! This holiday tour will be comprised of those attractions who cannot contain their frights to just Halloween but now Christmas! This tour will be separate from our main tour and there will be no awards. 

So there it is... that is what
FrightReview is about! We strive to be different from the many haunted house review websites out there that rate and review locations politically. FrightReview will never rate or review unfairly, our reviews are truthful and honest so that you the reader can make up your mind as to where you should spend your money. 

We hope you find out site as well as our reviews useful!

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